Influx Technology is exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo, Shanghai, China 2017. Please visit us at our stand.   Influx Technology will showcase its cutting edge integrated tool chain, bringing together some of the world’s best test equipment with unprecedented usability and speed. Influx Technology can offer a range of tools and services to meet the demands of modern vehicle development in the ‘V cycle’. Influx offers vehicle bench marking and CAN analysis with ‘Module Analyser’ as well as incorporating our core products, the Rebel data loggers with the powerful and comprehensive DiaLog Plus software and the K-Box Analog Instrumentation. Logged data can be streamed via 3G or Wi-Fi over our StreamLog server system and calibrations managed in LogiProject. Visitors to our stand will be able to view the revolutionary Influx Replay ® system – all of your data all of the time. Save time looking for vehicle faults and analyzing how and why they occurred. We look forward to seeing you. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center North or South Entrance, Hall 3 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Dr Bruce Macaulay presented ‘Influx Replay’ in a seminar at the ATS show at ‘Millbrook Proving Ground’, Influx also demonstrated the product live. With ‘Influx Replay’ you can now record ‘all of the data, all of the time’.   ‘Influx Replay’ is now available from Influx Technology.   ‘Influx Replay’ now offers a solution to record and generate the Big Data that is needed to remain at the cutting edge of automotive development. Vehicle electronic control modules calculate tens of thousands of variables that produce Big Data, however logging all this data is impossible as the required network bandwidth is not available. ‘Influx Replay’ records a limited set of parameters, replays them to recreate the calculated data which can then be reviewed.  
  • ■ Record
  • ■ Replay
  • ■ Recreate
  • ■ Review
  Further product details can be found here.
The eagerly anticipated Influx Analyser 3 has been released! Version 3 of Analyser has an outstanding new User Interface as well as native support for Rebel CT and LT Loggers, making it faster and easier to use. Many other features have been added also and the Message Constructor and Trace Viewers have be redesigned to make them easier to use as well.
Influx Technology is exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo USA 2016. Please visit us at our stand 12010.   Influx will exibit at the thirteenth Automotive Testing Expo USA, we will showcase the very latest advances in Data Logging and Diagnostics. Suburban Collection Showplace 46100 Grand River Avenue Novi, MI 48374