Influx Technology are pleased to announce that Famtech will be our product distributor in S.Korea. Famtech Co., Ltd. is a company started in 1986 and became a Limited Company in 1998, mainly for the commercialization and marketing of sensors, instrumentation electronics and testing equipments for the industry and the R&D area. In the course of years, following the evolution of the market, establishment of important new relationships and collaboration with primary international technical companies, means the range of their products has become rich including new lines of Vibration Shakers, Engineering Software Solution, more new-tech sensors. Now Famtech is able to offer diversity of solutions and alternatives satisfying particular requirements of the customers. They can supply a complete system that goes from the sensors through measurement, and test to analysis software, which are followed by continuous technical support activities.  
Influx Technology are pleased to announce they will now be based at Millbrook Proving Ground. Millbrook is a premier facility for vehicle testing. Millbrook have been using the Rebel data loggers and K-Box instrumentation for many years as well as their customers who visit. Influx Technology is a major player in the data logging industry with a global audience and strong UK user base. Influx produce market leading products due, in part, to an ‘out-the-box‘ system which is a easy to configure and has the ability to stream data. The Influx brand represents a product that is focused, efficient and is all about the end user. The boxy, modular and geometric feel of the brand perfectly embodies the simplicity of Influx products from the moment you remove them from the box, slot them together, plug them in, simply configure and away you go. Seamlessly working together from start to finish. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or application so we can provide a solution.
Rebel data loggers. Connect. Configure and Go! Influx Technology with our distributing partner Pragathi Solutions enjoyed meeting many customers new and existing at the busy Chennai Expo Jan 2018. The market leading Rebel data loggers were demonstrated at the Automotive Testing Show,  Jan 10th, 11th and 12th. On display were the new Rebel CT4, CT7 and Rebel CT7 FlexRay as well as the new embedded data logger the Rebel 100. The Rebel LT (Lite) continues to be our popular  2 CAN logger which is stack-able allowing engineers to connect with Influx Technology’s K-Box instrumentation. The Rebel Dash display visible even in bright sunlight is a ‘great solution for mounting in customer vehicles’. Rebel 100 The Rebel 100 is used in tough environments requiring embedded, long duration data logging. The Rebel 100 was of great interest to HGV, mining equipment and construction vehicle manufacturers. Visits in India After the expo Lance Keen and Milan Sarkar took the opportunity to visit several companies to meet our existing customers and hopefully welcome new ones. If you would like further information on Influx Technology products then please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.
Influx Technology are pleased to announce Influx Asia has a new office in Beijing, China. Influx Technology has several customers in China and can offer local sales of the Rebel data loggers, a full range of automotive tools and comprehensive customer support.   Rebel data logger series This goes from strength to strength and now includes the Rebel 100 embedded data logger. The Rebel LT and Rebel CT loggers from 2 CAN to 7 CAN, are often used with the K-Box instrumentation to capture and synchronise analogue, digital and K type thermocouple data.   Dialog Plus software is a suite of tools which is comprehensive and powerful. The engineer can configure the logger, set triggers, plot GPS data on maps. analyse data, export data in a range of formats and use a time saving batch conversion tool.   Module Analyser is a useful CAN bus analyser and diagnostic tool used on a wide range of vehicles.   LogiProject is our Calibration Management Tool for small or large teams.   The Influx Replay® system is an innovative idea to replay real drive data on the bench. Please ask for a demonstration.   Influx Technology are always happy to discuss your requirements. Feel free to complete the ‘Contact Us’ form and get in touch.  

The team at Influx Asia recently displayed a new-look Replay® and new range of loggers and instrumentation devices to the industry professionals at the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai, China. Numerous interested parties discussed the possibilities our expanded product range opens up.

Replay uses the electronic module sensor inputs and network traffic, recorded on our range of data loggers, and replays this via a bench test module to recreate the calculated data. Enabling multiple teams of engineers to look at any calculated data, at any time, without needing to repeat the time and cost-intensive vehicle testing.

The show also gave the team a chance to demonstrate our newly updated range of loggers and instrumentation. With logger options now ranging from 2 x CAN bus all the way up to 7 x CAN, 2 x FlexRay and 3 x LIN bus, there are solutions to fit most requirements.

This includes our brand new Rebel 100 data logger. Designed as a continuous black box data logger, the Rebel 100 has a small footprint, robust IP67 enclosure, and is intended to be integrated with the vehicle harness. This is all in addition to the high specification of logging capabilities that can be expected from one of our loggers.

With regards to instrumentation, the new K-TC16, K-Volt and K-BoB were also on show to expand our range of measurement capabilities.

  • The K-TC16 is built to accommodate a large amount of thermocouple inputs and can be used as a standalone temperature logger, with its internal storage, or combined with any of our loggers.
  • The K-Volt was created with our Replay and other HIL systems in mind. It can generate a variety of analog and digital outputs from CAN signals, giving a highly accurate simulation of sensors.
  • K-BoB is the desirable breakout box to provide BNC connections to the analog and digital inputs of our K-Box.

Our data loggers, instrumentation devices and software all combine to give a complete and well-integrated package. We aim to meet any customer requirements and have developed bespoke solutions many times over.

Influx Technology is exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo, Shanghai, China 2017. Please visit us at our stand.   Influx Technology will showcase its cutting edge integrated tool chain, bringing together some of the world’s best test equipment with unprecedented usability and speed. Influx Technology can offer a range of tools and services to meet the demands of modern vehicle development in the ‘V cycle’. Influx offers vehicle bench marking and CAN analysis with ‘Module Analyser’ as well as incorporating our core products, the Rebel data loggers with the powerful and comprehensive DiaLog Plus software and the K-Box Analog Instrumentation. Logged data can be streamed via 3G or Wi-Fi over our StreamLog server system and calibrations managed in LogiProject. Visitors to our stand will be able to view the revolutionary Influx Replay ® system – all of your data all of the time. Save time looking for vehicle faults and analyzing how and why they occurred. We look forward to seeing you. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center North or South Entrance, Hall 3 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Influx Technology is exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo USA 2016. Please visit us at our stand 12010.   Influx will exibit at the thirteenth Automotive Testing Expo USA, we will showcase the very latest advances in Data Logging and Diagnostics. Suburban Collection Showplace 46100 Grand River Avenue Novi, MI 48374
Influx Technology and Pragathi Solutions hosted a successful seminar on “data logging solutions” in Pune, India.   The meeting was well attended and introduced Dialog 5, Influx’s comprehensive data logger configuration and data analysis tool. Features include CCP, XCP, A2L files, sensor configuration, complex trigger set up, data merging and batch processing. The Rebel range of data loggers the K-box instrumentation and the Rebel Dash display were presented and demonstrated.   This included a live demonstration of “Stream Log” for remote logging, reconfiguring and data retrieval when the logger is out in the field.   The day finished with a useful question and answer session.   If you would like to find out more please contact Fiona at  
Out of the box Rebel data logger. Connect. Configure and Go!   Automotive Testing India   The market leading Rebel data loggers will be demonstrated at the Automotive Testing Show, Chennai April 20, 21 and 22.   Influx Technology will be there with our distributing partner Pragathi Solutions.   Products will include the Rebel CT (Compact), Rebel CT Analog and the Rebel CT FlexRay. Also the new improved Rebel LT (Lite) with stackable casing allowing users to connect with Influx Technology’s K-Box instrumentation. The Rebel Dash display visible even in bright sunlight is a ‘great solution for mounting in customer vehicles’.   You will have other opportunities to see Influx Technology at the China Automotive Testing Expo, Shanghai 27th, 28th, 29th September and the North American Testing Expo 2016 in Detroit on the 25th, 26th and 27th October.   We look forward to meeting our existing customers and hope to welcome new ones.
Highlights from day two
Influx Technology rebrands and introduces stackable dataloggers   This year’s Automotive Testing Expo North America is proving to be an exciting show for Influx Technology, located at booth 12010, with the company using day two to unveil its newly rebranded corporate image and debut its new K-Box analog and digital input logger and dash display. “This year we have rebranded the whole company image in order to get our selling points across better. Our message is ‘Out the box, connect, configure and go’,” says Fiona Keen, business manager.   The stackable K-Box is an ideal data capture solution for applications that require a large number of thermocouple and analog inputs. For example, 10 K-Boxes can be used to acquire data from 80 thermocouples. Accurate sensor measurement data is transmitted periodically on the CANbus, enabling multiple devices to be connected together. The K-Box CANbus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily configurable and can be stored in the K-Box even when not powered.   The system also works independently with our new Rebel Dash CAN display, which offers different modes, so data can be viewed in several ways. It is highly rugged, it can be used in cold and high temperatures, and it can be seen in bright sunlight, adds Fiona Keen.   rebel-dash-image01