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Data Logger Cables

Instrumentation Cables


Data Logger Cables:

 INF4100: Rebel 100 Test Harness Harness, Use with the Rebel 100 as a standalone logger during the early                        engineering development stage.

 INF4102: 180 degree OBD II TYPE-B Cable to 25 way D-Sub 

OBDII To 25 1.png

 INF4103: 180 degree OBD II TYPE-B Cable to 9 way D-Sub 

OBDII To 9 1.png

■ INF4104: FlexRay Breakout Cable,  2 FlexRay connectors separated , 3 CAN buses connectors and 1 LAN connector

                      to 9 way D-sub cables

FlexRay 1.png
FlexRay 2.png

■ INF4204.1: Multi-Connect Cable for Rebel data loggers (5 Lead)

4 (1).png

■ INF4210: Rebel Dash Deutsch cable, 9 Way D sub connector (male nut) to Rebel Dash Deutsch cable.

■ INF4205: CAN2/CAN3 Breakout Cable 

 INF4203: 2 CAN breakout cable

3 (1).png

■ INF4301: USB Cable, High quality USB 2.0 A-B cable used for connecting logger and PC

■ INF4302: Digital Switch Cable, Digital Switch Cable used for digital trigger/switch input  15 way D-sub (male nut) 


■ INF4213: 15 way D-Sub screw terminal, terminal system to connect to Dig/Ana connectors to Multi Connect