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Please follow the instructions and information as contained in our user guides.

I.The user can influence an electronic system by applying the Influx Technology product. This might cause a risk of personal injury or property damages.

II.The use and application of the Influx Technology product is permitted only to qualified professional staff, as well as, only in an appropriate manner and in the designated use.

III.Before using an Influx Technology measurement system in the vehicle, it has to be verified that no function of the vehicle, which is relevant to secure operation, might be influenced: -by the installation of the Influx Technology measurement systems in the vehicle,-by a potential malfunction of the Influx Technology system during the test drive.

IV.In order to avoid danger or personal injury and property damages, appropriate actions are to be taken, such actions have to bring the entire system into a secured condition (e.g., by using a system for emergency stop, an emergency operation, monitoring of critical values).

V.In all safety-critical systems Influx Technology products must be in listen-only mode.

VI.We hereby confirm that the information in the user guide is accurate to best of our knowledge and cannot take responsibility for any misinformation included with our documentation.

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