Influx demonstrates Replay at Millbrook testing show!

Dr Bruce Macaulay presented ‘Influx Replay’ in a seminar at the ATS show at ‘Millbrook Proving Ground’, Influx also demonstrated the product live. With ‘Influx Replay’ you can now record ‘all of the data, all of the time’.   ‘Influx Replay’ is now available from Influx Technology.   ‘Influx Replay’ now offers a solution to record and generate the Big Data that is needed to remain at the cutting edge of automotive development. Vehicle electronic control modules calculate tens of thousands of variables that produce Big Data, however logging all this data is impossible as the required network bandwidth is not available. ‘Influx Replay’ records a limited set of parameters, replays them to recreate the calculated data which can then be reviewed.  
  • ■ Record
  • ■ Replay
  • ■ Recreate
  • ■ Review
  Further product details can be found here.