Influx Technology enjoy successful Cenex-LCV 2018 at Millbrook

Influx Technology were pleased to meet our current and potential customers at Cenex-LCV 2018 held at the Millbrook Proving Ground. The Millbrook Cenex-LCV was busier than ever showing that it is the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event. Influx Technology presented our range of products which make up the vehicle Influx Vehicle Fleet Calibration Data Cycle.
  • Comprehensive data is collected from a fleet of vehicles on the Rebel data loggers with key parameters transmitted to the engineers via StreamLog on 4G and network data via Wi-Fi using Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers. The Rebel data loggers have 100% CAN capture on up to 7 CAN buses and can store data up to 128GB on the removable SD.
  • The StreamLog data streaming has been developed over many years and offers fast sampling, all parameters stored on the Sd, key data streamed and the option to select and download other files of interest. The Rebel data loggers and StreamLog service have an excellent buffer to protect against loss of signal in remote areas or dense urban environments.
  • Influx Technology is now able to offer a range of data reports on your fleet vehicles including state of charge, driver behaviour and mileage accumulation.
  • The Rebel data logger data can be exported in a range of formats to 3rd party tools for further interrogation.
  • Collated data would then feed back to the calibration teams for development and modification as required.
  • LogiProject is Influx Technology’s calibration management software tool. Helping you to track the stage of your calibrations noting who, where , when and why aspects were changed. The latest calibration release can then be transmitted to the vehicle fleet for further testing and validation.
  • We are now back at the start of the data cycle! The data from the latest calibration can now be logged and transmitted for review.
I hope our Influx Vehicle Fleet Calibration Data Cycle is of interest to you and your projects. Feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.