Influx Technology showcase updated product range at Automotive Testing Expo China

The team at Influx Asia recently displayed a new-look Replay® and new range of loggers and instrumentation devices to the industry professionals at the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai, China. Numerous interested parties discussed the possibilities our expanded product range opens up.

Replay uses the electronic module sensor inputs and network traffic, recorded on our range of data loggers, and replays this via a bench test module to recreate the calculated data. Enabling multiple teams of engineers to look at any calculated data, at any time, without needing to repeat the time and cost-intensive vehicle testing.

The show also gave the team a chance to demonstrate our newly updated range of loggers and instrumentation. With logger options now ranging from 2 x CAN bus all the way up to 7 x CAN, 2 x FlexRay and 3 x LIN bus, there are solutions to fit most requirements.

This includes our brand new Rebel 100 data logger. Designed as a continuous black box data logger, the Rebel 100 has a small footprint, robust IP67 enclosure, and is intended to be integrated with the vehicle harness. This is all in addition to the high specification of logging capabilities that can be expected from one of our loggers.

With regards to instrumentation, the new K-TC16, K-Volt and K-BoB were also on show to expand our range of measurement capabilities.

  • The K-TC16 is built to accommodate a large amount of thermocouple inputs and can be used as a standalone temperature logger, with its internal storage, or combined with any of our loggers.
  • The K-Volt was created with our Replay and other HIL systems in mind. It can generate a variety of analog and digital outputs from CAN signals, giving a highly accurate simulation of sensors.
  • K-BoB is the desirable breakout box to provide BNC connections to the analog and digital inputs of our K-Box.

Our data loggers, instrumentation devices and software all combine to give a complete and well-integrated package. We aim to meet any customer requirements and have developed bespoke solutions many times over.