K-Box Instrumentation Kit

P/N INF2214

A simple, speedy measurement solution complete with handy carry case…

The NEW K-Box Instrumentation Kit by Influx Technology Ltd is designed for accurate sensor measurement, with captured data being transmitted on the CAN Bus. The K-Box kit is an ideal solution for applications that require a quick set-up and collection of thermocouple, analog, digital and PWM inputs.  
The K-Box CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily cconfigurable via our K-Cal software and stored in the K-Box even when not powered.  
The complete kit contains the Influx K-Box, K-Bob breakout box, Kvaser™ Leaf Light, Kvaser T-Cannector, a 25way D-sub screw terminal, all connecting cables, complete instructions for use and a branded clam shell carry case. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain the K-Box Instrumentation Kit for just £1495 and save over £500 on RRP. Find out more about our K-Box Instrumentation Solution HERE To find out more about our products Contact Us

Key Features:

  •  Portable carry case
  •  Versatile connectivity for digital outputs
  •  Versatile connectivity for analog outputs
  •  Options for instrumentation expandability
  •  Simple to use instrumentation to software interface
All Influx Technology products are developed and supported by our dedicated and highly experienced team.
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