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K- TC8

Stackable fast, accurate and reliable temperature measurement.

Stackable fast, accurate and reliable temperature measurement.

The K-TC modules belong to the Influx K-series instrumentation range for CAN applications. The stackable K-TC is an ideal for those applications that require a large number of thermocouples for example vehicle durability, winter and summer testing.

The K-TC modules CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily configurable and stored in the K-TC module even when not powered.

The K-TC modules have the ability to function as a standalone temperature logger with an inbuilt Micro SDHC storage and the data will be logged with a real timestamp using the internal RTC. 

The input calibration and set-up of the K-TC module is easily configurable via Influx K-Cal software, a freely distributable Windows pc application.


CAN Output

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SD Card Storage



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Key Features
Package Includes

Key Features:

 8 thermocouple connections at 10Hz sampling rate.

 Configuration and programming via CAN or USB interface.

 Simple signal configuration using a DBC file.

■ Supplied with configuration software’s Influx K-Cal (Configuration) and TCLogger (Datalogging) for Windows. 

■ Device drivers available for Windows® applications (32/64-bit).

 WakeOnCAN enables K-TC modules to power up and power down in deep sleep mode.

 Measurement accuracy: +/- 1 degree C, Measurement resolution: 0.1 degree C.

■ Supports K, J and T type thermocouples.

 Instrumentation data time synchronised with recorded vehicle network data via CAN.

■ Galvanic isolation (enclosure, power, CAN BUS and each module of 8 thermocouple inputs).

 Stackable ABS enclosure.

 Standalone logging capability.

Influx_K_Bench white.png
K-Cal, the all in one K-Series instrumentation tool.

K-Cal is freely distributable and supports all K-series modules. 

■ Calibrate sensor channels and output calibration reports

 Set CAN Bus baud rate and message identifiers

■ Set individual signal channel configuration and scaling, using formulas and tables

■ Set signal sampling rates

■ Construct, Edit and Export DBC files for CAN bus data

■ Monitor signals live with a graphical window

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