OBD II to 25 Way D-Sub

Rebel LT and CT Vehicle interface cable, OBD II 180 deg to 25 way sub-D. wire 1700mm

OBD II to 9 way D-Sub 180 deg Cable

OBD II 180 deg to 9 way sub-D Cable, used for connecting from OBD port to Multi-Connect Cable. Wire 1700mm

Rebel Multi-Connect

25 way sub-D breakout to separate AUX/CAN1, CAN0/POWER, Digital/Analog and LAN sub-D connectors. Wire length 230mm

Rebel CT FlexRay/CAN breakout cable

Special designed for CT FlexRay data logger. Moulded Mini-D interface with 2 FlexRay connectors separated, 3 CAN buses connectors separated and 1 LAN connector to 9 way sub-D cables. Wire length 550mm

Rebel100 Test Harness

Compatible with the Rebel100. This test harness makes it easy to use the Rebel100 as a standalone data logger during the early engineering development phase.

K-Box Interconnect cable

Standard 9 pin sub D to 9 pin sub-D cable used for K-Box stack.