Rebel 100
P/N 2100

Embed the Rebel100 into the vehicle electronics and capture ‘on event’ diagnostic data. With a wide range power supply, IP67 enclosure and robust data storage solution the Rebel100 is suitable for use in harsh environments. Configurable as a continuous black box data logger with user definable pre and post-event triggers.

Key Features:

  • In vehicle fitment (ECU style connector)
  • Up to 4x CAN buses (2x CAN standard)
  • 1x K-Line
  • 4x digital I/O (x2 configurable as PWM inputs)
  • 4x analog input channels
  • eMMC card data storage max size 64GB
  • IP67 enclosure

Optional Internal Upgrades:

  • Internal 18Hz GPS with socket for external antenna
  • Internal 1kHz XYZ accelerometer +/-16G max
  • Internal Gyroscope
  • Internal 3G Modem

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