K-TC16 and K-TC32
K-TC16 – P/N INF2205
K-TC32 – P/N INF2206

Stackable instrumentation, fast and accurate temperature acquisition.

The K-TC16/32 is part of our new generation of automotive instrumentation for CAN applications. The stackable K-TC16/32 is an ideal solution for applications that require a large number of thermocouples for example vehicle durability testing.

The K-TC16/32 CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily configurable and stored in the K-TC16/32 even when not powered.

The input calibration and set-up of the K-TC16/32 is easily configurable via Influx K-Cal TC software, a freely distributable Windows pc application. The K-TC16/32 can be integrated into your Windows applications via Influx K_TCLIB the SDK, providing everything you need to develop your own applications.


  • Internal data storage for standalone temperature data logging on internal EMMC
  • Highly accurate measurement
  • Direct PC connection via USB

Key Features:

  • Stackable ABS enclosure
  • Configuration and programming via CAN or USB interface.
  • Simple signal configuration using a DBC file
  • Supplied with configuration software Influx K-Cal TC for Windows®
  • Device drivers for Windows® 10, 8.1, 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Each unit has up to 16 or 32 K-type connections at 20Hz sampling rate
  • WakeOnCAN enables K-TC16/32 to power up and power down in deep sleep mode.

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