Secure powertrain calibration management tool making reliable calibrations faster

The problem…Today’s engine calibration engineers work with several hundreds of maps and parameters to ensure that the emissions, driveability, performance and other targets are met. ‘How can you be confident that each of these parameters has been carefully tracked and calibrated to a sufficient level?’

Traceability of the entire calibration is fundamental

  • Who made the modification?
  • When was it modified?
  • Why was it modified?
  • What is the current status?

LogiProject handles calibration data throughout the development process and ensures conflict-free and traceable integration. Parameters are assigned to engineers and LogiProject provides a clear overview of all parameters to avoid conflicts when merging calibration data, ensuring consistent results.

At any stage of the project you can create reports on the entire history of the calibration.

Key Features:


Reliable data management tool with calibration rule checking to prevent errors and overlapping of work.

Reduced engineering timeProduce reliable calibrations faster.
Automatically export calibration variants.
Generate calibration names by rule.

TeamworkEasy collaboration between teams and the administrator globally.
Flexible for both large and small calibration teams

ConfidenceFull accountability and reports of calibrations.

LogiProject gives you control of your calibrations

LogiProject is available in two versions, LogiProject Enterprise is ideal for small calibration teams typically 2 to15 engineers whilst LogiProject Architect is suitable for larger organisations.

Key Features:

  • Instant administrator access and control of the team calibrations
  • Traceability of all modifications
  • Easy identification of errors
  • Automatic creation of variant calibrations
  • Automatic generation of calibration file names
  • Comprehensive report generation