Rebel LT

A powerful, upgradable and affordable CAN data logger

The Rebel LT, a powerful upgradable and affordable CAN data logger

The Rebel LT is an intermediate level CAN 2.0 data logging solution with the options to upgrade to GNSS with high meter level accuracy and 4G LTE. In addition these data loggers have 4 high speed analogue input channels and 3 digital I/O as standard.

With advanced protocol functionality such as CAN 2.0 monitoring, J1939, CCP, xCPOnCAN, OBD and UDS the Rebel LT data logger is suitable for most CAN applications.


2x CAN 2.0 buses


3x digital I/O channels


4x analog input channels 

(Each channel can be calibrated independently)


High quality GNSS




Key Features:

 2x CAN buses

■ 1x K-Line (request when ordering)

■ 3x digital I/O channels

■ 4x analog input channels (Each channel can be calibrated independently)

 SDHC card data storage (Maximum capacity 128GB)

 Galvanic isolation (USB, enclosure)

■ Low power consumption in sleep mode and WakeOnCAN or wake up signal feature

Stackable with K-Series instrumentation

Data Logger configuration with integrated data analysis.

Dialog provides tools to configure, analyse and export Rebel data.

■ Build and exchange Rebel data logger configuration files 

 Connect and re-configure Rebel data loggers via USB. 

 Monitor live data in a graphical viewer. 

 Upload and analyse data recording files. 

 Supports in-field firmware upgrade. 

 Batch processing and data export

 Supports direct connection to StreamLog servers.


Enclosure Specification

Product Specification

Our 5 in 1, easy-to-use CAN bus analyser.

Module Analyser gives you the ability to monitor CAN, LIN and Flexray BUS traffic in a single environment. 

 CAN and LIN monitoring via DBC/LDF/Fibex files

 Automotive OBD ISO15765 Scan tool and UDS ISO14229


 Integrated ODX/MDX editor

 Integrated ODX/MDX editor

Effortlessly and securely stream and configure your Rebel data over the internet!
Streamlog Panel.png

StreamLog gives you the ability to access Rebel data directly from your desk!

■ Your data is stored within a secure Microsoft SQL database, hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Data is encrypted end-to-end using our bespoke security protocol and Microsoft SSL encryption.

Configure your Rebel data logger remotely and monitor data as it occurs through your DiaLog software.



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