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Rebel LT GO

A powerful entry-level CAN data logger; just connect and go!


2x CAN 2.0 buses


1x digital I/O channels

The Influx Rebel LT Go data logger, powerful entry level CAN data logger…Connect and Go!

Powerful performance with support for CAN 2.0 monitoring, J1939, OBD and UDS (ISO14229) data logging. Your time is important, so the Rebel LT Go is supplied with our very comprehensive software suite Dialog configurator and Module Analyser Lite making it easy to work with CAN signals, OBD data and trigger events.  

Although the Rebel LT Go is a low cost data fleet logger it incorporates many attractive features that are usually only found in higher specification data loggers such as the power & USB galvanic isolation that protects your pc and data when connected.   

Key Features
Package Includes
Optional upgrades
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Key Features:

 2x CAN 2.0 buses

 1x digital I/O channels

■ Galvanic isolation (USB, enclosure)

■ Standalone – removable SDHC card data storage (Up to 32GByte)

■ Data exportable in open formats MDF4 and CSV

 Low power consumption in sleep mode and WakeOnCAN or wake up signal feature

■ Stackable with K-Series instrumentation

Data Logger configuration with integrated data analysis.
Dialog configurator
Dialog standard
Dialog Plus
Dialog Configurator, making it easy to set up data loggers and convert data.

‘No complex scripting….Dialog is tested by our engineers so you can start collecting data immediately.’


 DiaLog Configurator is our ‘free of charge’ dedicated Rebel data logger configuration tool supplied with each data logger.


Key features at a glance

 Build, edit and exchange data logger configurations.

■ Use industry standard files such as CAN DBC, LIN LDF and Diagnostic exchange            databases ODX/MDX/GDX.

 Convert recorded data to ASC, BLF, MDF and CSV formats.

Module Analyser, 5 in 1 easy to use CAN bus analyser
Module Analyser Lite
Module Analyser Standard
Analysis & Benchmarking

Module Analyser Lite, connect to the Rebel loggers and view CAN network traffic in real time.


‘Module Analyser Lite turns the Rebel data loggers into a powerful CAN and LIN network data analyser.’


Module Analyser is our ‘free of charge’ CAN and LIN network analyser supplied with each Rebel data logger. A powerful 5 in 1 easy to use CAN bus analyser offering the following advantages:


CAN and LIN monitoring via DBC/LDF file.

■ Automotive OBD ISO15765 Scan tool and UDS ISO14229


 Integrated ODX/MDX editor.

 Data acquisition and logging.

Why use Module Analyser?

Typically CAN network analysis tools require you to use separate applications for automotive functions such as J1939, UDS diagnostics, module reprogramming and CAN monitoring. Module Analyser brings these features together in a single environment. For example, monitor CAN messages, CAN signals, read PID’s and DTC’s…. 

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