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ReXgen 1

Reliable, secure and accurate data computing that you can trust.
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When data is critical and messages just can't be missed...

We recognise the importance of data security and every detail of the ReXgen has been considered to ensure our product can be trusted in CAN networks.

Next-generation data computing, capturing data throughout your product's entire life cycle.

We designed the ReXgen1 to compliment your product during development and eventually even production, capturing continuous data and events.

The ReXgen1 is essential to identify problems and has built-in features to manage sensitive data. The device is designed to:

Support J2534 (Pass-thru).

Logs data continuously for hours from a CAN bus.

Saves your data to the embedded SD memory card.

Fast and easy to configure, record and retrieve data via USB. Our easy-to-use and freely distributable software, ReXdesk, comes included with each product.

The ReXgen supports open-ended XML-based configurations.


1x CAN Bus


Supports J2534


Live Monitoring


CAN Error logging

Key Features
Package Includes

ReXgen1 is designed to function not just as a data logging device but also as a capable pass-thru device. The communication protocols supported by ReXgen as a J2534 tool are; ISO14229, ISO14230, CAN (ISO11898), ISO15765, and J1939.

It allows the users to connect to the vehicle CAN Bus using the Pass-Thru API (Application Program Interface), enabling you to create your own programs that accomplish your vehicle communication needs. The pass-thru feature is already supported by Influx Module Analyser, SavvyCAN and K-Cal software.


ReXgen 1 8GB eMMC (P/N: INF2110)

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Supplied with ReXdesk, freely distributable ReXgen data logger configuration and data view application for Windows®.

Hardware Versions:

Power consumption is an important aspect when battery life is considered in electric or internal combustion vehicle. Will the data logger drain the battery when the vehicle is powered down? Or can you leave it on the vehicle for months with confidence?

All our data loggers support various sleep modes & Wake On CAN.

With advance features such as Power down mode and Sleep Mode the power consumption is the equivalent to 1mA per hour.

Power Consumption

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Easy-to-use configuration and data  handling software for ReXgen.

ReXdesk is our freely distributable software configuration and general-purpose software tool to work with ReXgen. 

This software is designed to support ReXgen through its entire lifetime, with tools for:

 First-time ReXgen set-up

 Preparation and configuration for data logging

 Data retrieval and conversion, with live data viewing

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