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Auxilary Power Cable
High quality, efficient accessories for Influx hardware.

This cable is ideal if you require power to a K-Series device or Rebel data logger without the usual access to the OBD port. Simply use either the vehicle auxiliary power outlet or banana plugs (battery) for the power supply.

Connector A, is a 9 Way D-Sub (Socket) connected to power from either a vehicle auxiliary power outlet (cigar lighter) OR banana plugs and the CAN bus (PIN 2 &7).

Connector B, is a 9 Way D-Sub (Plug) connected to the CAN bus (PIN 2 & 7).

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Technical Specs:

Cable Length

Cable Thickness

Connector A

Connector B

Connector C

Connector D

Connector E

Connector F

Operating Temperature




26 AWG 0.4 mm

9-pin D-sub (DB9) plug [nuts], pins compatible with CiA 303-1 (CAN and Power)

9-pin D-sub (DB9) socket [screw], pins compatible with CiA 303-1 (CAN only)

[AUX Socket] Power with LED

[Banana +] Power (+)

[Banana -] Power (-)

9-pin D-sub (DB9) plug, FleXray channel B

-20 degC to +80 degC

219 g


See 'Product Specification' at the top of the page for full details, including pinouts.

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