DB9 to DB9 Cable (Male to Female)
High quality, efficient accessories for Influx hardware.

Used for K-Series link cable.

Connecting multiple K-Series CANin to CANout to link CAN bus and power.

Can also be used to securely connect K-Series module to Kvaser CAN interfaces.

Technical Specs:

Cable Length

Cable Thickness

Connector A

Connector B

Connector C

Connector D

Connector E

Connector F

Operating Temperature





Female 9 pin D-Sub (DB9) socket [screw], pins compatible with CiA 303-1 (CAN and Power)

Male 9 pin D-Sub (DB9) socket [screw], pins compatible with CiA 303-1 (CAN and Power)





-20 degC to +80 degC



Full specs and pinouts for cables and antennas will be added soon! 

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