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Case Study HayMech: Remote Data Logging for Heavy Haul Vehicles

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

About: We are a West Australian based business specialising in heavy road haulage and mining applications. HayMech provides custom software solutions, giving clients access to in-depth asset health and status information and allowing clients to gather vital information for equipment on the move anywhere in the world.

Summary: HayMech data recovery is primarily non-invasive. Utilising Influx (ReXgen/LT) hardware means we do not require any modifications to the OEM harness. The Influx hardware utilises the pre-existing diagnostic ports that are normally used when running diagnostics on an Engine Control Unit (ECU).The Influx data logger monitors data being received from the ECU (OBD, UDS & J1939) and sends the information via 4G networks. The data is then accessed by the user through the HayMech data analysis platform.

The Influx Solution!

As Rebel data loggers are standalone loggers, they do not require a laptop for infield operation. We were able to install the Rebel LT on the customer vehicle and leave it for testing. Since there is a provision for on-board storage with an SD card up to 64GB and StreamLog connectivity, we collected the data from these loggers via StreamLog.

Influx StreamLog is a very handy solution; with StreamLog, an engineer does not have to physically access the logger, the data loggers on the field can be easily managed remotely. Using this system, the Rebel LT can send data to the StreamLog server and engineers can log into the server and access the data. StreamLog also generates fleet reports and sends the streamed data to engineers at end of the day via email and SFTP. The Influx DiaLog software also supports viewing of GPS tracks on maps, DTCs from the vehicle etc.

We were also able to directly pull the streamed data and GPS Data out of the StreamLog database to our data processing system for use in our proprietary dashboard. Influx Technology was extremely useful for collecting the OBD & J1939 data we needed, which helped in our application tremendously

Testimony of HayMech

Christopher Hayes




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