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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

With more and more people switching to electric vehicles, one can assume that people have chosen it as the next best alternative to the classic fossil fuel vehicles. Though most of the vehicles today are powered with Lithium-ion batteries, how soon, that we realise that it is not available in abundance, just like any other existing fuel option?

Wouldn't it be wise to consider other options as well?

The following article focuses on giving you a sneak peek at what could be the second-best option after Lithium-ion batteries. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are successively used in many hybrid vehicles and have proven to have better results. For more than 75 years, Hydrogen has been produced from natural gas, involving an efficient chemical process to produce zero air pollutants.

In the current world, HFC's find applications in:

  • Transportation

  • Gasoline refining

  • Emergency backup powers

  • Food processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Fertiliser production

  • Pharmaceuticals

Hydrogen fuel cells have succeeded to build a potential market in many leading countries such as Japan, Germany, China, South Korea, The U.S, France and many more. Now, even India plans big to welcome hydrogen fuel; cell technology in the coming days. According to an article published in "Financial Express", Hydrogen is the next Clean-green economy. However, most hydrogen-fueled vehicles are automobiles and transit buses. For now, they may not be a better pick than usual battery-operated vehicles, but the technology they bring in use can not be neglected in the coming future.

What is a hydrogen fuel cell?

The hydrogen Cells function on the principle of "reverse electrolysis". In basic terms, hydrogen atoms react with oxygen atoms inside the fuel cell to produce electric energy. A fuel cell comprises an anode, cathode, and electrolyte membrane. This reaction of Hydrogen with Oxygen across an electrochemical cell produces electricity as a result, and as residue, there is just some heat and water vapours.