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ReXgen 2 IMU in the Spotlight!

ReXgen 2 IMU: Our most capable device yet

Simply put, an IMU chip is an extremely useful device in capturing motion sensor data. Our ReXgen 2 IMUs contain a 6-axis IMU and GNSS chip, gathering accelerometer and gyroscope data at extremely high frequencies. This technology has many uses, including:

  • Sensor fusion of IMU and GNSS data

  • Tracking a vehicle’s journey when satellite signals are unreachable

  • Collision analysis

  • Measuring vehicle tilt and driving behavior

Never have we harnessed the power of IMU and GNSS within a standalone data logger, and with a focus on accuracy, data security, and affordability… until now!

IMU and GNSS are key to ensuring the most detailed record of your vehicle’s movement, as well as the logger simultaneously capturing all messages within the CAN network. We’ve put together a video explaining more about the capabilities of IMU, sensor fusion for advanced movement tracking, and how the ReXgen 2 IMU allows you to gain the most accurate data possible.

There’s really no compromise when it comes to finding a data logger you can trust. Influx has cut no corners ensuring our most advanced logger yet is as innovative as it is powerful.

Take a look at our latest video, showcasing the potential of IMU technology within the ReXgen 2 IMU.

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