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ReXgen2 IMU in Aircraft: Achieving new heights

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

ReXgen2 IMU is an intelligent data logger from Influx that has not only marked its significance while in use with automobiles that run on the road but has given remarkably excellent results when used in aircraft. The existing multi-role mini aircraft lacks a robust data logging system, which records all the events occurring during a flight.

Influx data logger ReXgen2 IMU can effortlessly log the CAN network data and IMU data to study flight dynamics in technically advanced machines, like in such aircraft. Also, the engine performance can be studied after decoding the recorded data using CAN DBC files.

Practically ReXgen2 IMU can be used as an inflight black box data recorder to record the flight data and CAN Aerospace protocol. ReXgen provides the user with the information regarding:

  • What was the route taken?

  • Challenges in the route taken.

  • What were the weather conditions?

  • Was the planned flight route followed/or not?

Knowing the flight path is very important as it helps in knowing:

  • How much fuel was available?

  • What was the duration of the flight?

  • How much fuel was consumed with average altitude?

To determine the engine’s efficiency, knowledge about fuel consumption is essential. Also, Every aspect of the flight system needs to be monitored (pro-actively). The data is stored on the network for post-flight analysis to study:

  • Critical data needed to monitor the flight?

  • Any malfunctions?

  • Change in the critical parameter?

  • Does the flight have a rare issue?

  • Is monitoring required for compliance?

ReXgen 2 IMU enables the user to review past events and diagnose the issues by continuously logging data.

Why ReXgen2 IMU?

ReXgen2 IMU comes with a 6-axis IMU sensor and an embedded GNSS, leaving no requirement for any additional instrumentation to be used for tracking as the inbuilt 6-axis IMU sensor allows the user to track the flight path without any additional module. It is capable of monitoring every single aspect during the flight:

  • Ground Run- Aircraft Ground Running is a term generally used to describe the operation of some or all of an aircraft’s engines whilst on the ground to check the operation of either engines or aircraft systems functionally.

  • Flight Data- Operational Flight Data Monitoring is a quality assurance process with a vital Safety Management dimension. (OFDM) offers an efficient solution to this challenge.

  • Landing Data- The vital data is being monitored when the flight is prepared for landing; as the flight is prepared for landing, many safety-critical systems are activated, such as landing gear.

  • Taxying- Taxi time is the amount of time an aircraft spends in movement on the surface of an airport. For the scope of this application, It is only focused on departure taxi-time (or taxi-out time), which is the time between an aircraft leaving a terminal gate and taking off from an airport.

Some of the key parameters that can be logged using ReXgen2 IMU from the CAN bus are:

  • Altitude

  • Airspeed

  • Pressure

  • Fuel Level

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Engine Speed

  • Manifold Pressure

  • Speed

  • Temperatures

Types of connectors available:

  • DB9- ReXgen 2 IMU is supplied with a standard DB9 connector

  • Other types- Other connectors exist - here we recommend identifying the pin-out. After this, you can find an open-wire matching adapter and create your custom cable. Optionally use our DB9-generic adapter.

  • Raw wiring Harness- In some cases, you may prefer to log data directly from the CAN wiring harness.

ReXgen2 IMU supports up to two can buses that can be logged simultaneously. One can use CAN0 for the vehicular network and CAN1 for analogue instrumentation with a Wide Range of K-series instrumentation or any other make.

All Influx’s ReXgen2 IMU devices are equipped with micro-USB connectors. Once the test is completed and the aircraft is back inside the hanger, the USB can be connected to the ReXgen2 IMU device to be further connected to any display device such as your PC to view the live data. Also, the data can be exported in various formats for analysis with Influx’s freely distributable ReXdesk Software.

Please visit our website, for more details on ReXgen2 IMU.

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