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The Upgraded K-TC for Thermocouple Measurement

Updated: Jan 15

The K-TC range with the 8,16 and 32 thermocouple vershons

We are excited to announce the upgraded K-TC with cutting-edge technology that improves its performance and versatility. Here's a short look at the key upgrades; check out our product page for more.

Standalone Data Logging:

The K-TC now features standalone data logging to a secure, internal eMMC, allowing for months of continuous data recording, from the thermocouples, without needing a PC. (Previously, this was a removable SD card)

Galvanic Isolation:

We have added Isolation across the power, USB, CAN/CAN FD*  and thermocouple channels (grouped as 8 channels). The galvanic isolation, inside the K-TC device, keeps it safe and also ensures accuracy in the measurement of temperature values.

Cold Junction Compensation:

The cold junction compensation ensures that the sensor readings of the K-TC have minimal interference, caused by environmental temperature change.

Resolution Accuracy:

We have increased the input impedance, to reduce channel-to-channel noise interference and improve accuracy. Temperature measurement is to 0.001°C, with an accuracy of ±1°C

Note: The latest version of the K-TC is fully compatible with the original version.

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