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Vehicle Insights Program: Obtaining Actionable Data

A Rebel LT in a car with an OBD port ready for benchmarking a automotive car

In today's technologically advanced vehicles, valuable data lies dormant within the intricate network of computer modules (ECUs). The Vehicle Insights Program investigates the potential vehicle parameters present, transforming your vehicle into a source of actionable insights.

Our team of experienced engineers embark on a comprehensive journey to help you harness the power of this data. Through a series of carefully orchestrated phases, where we guide you every step of the way, we empower you to log the essential data for your project.

Phase 1: Investigation and Identification

Our comprehensive Vehicle Insights Program begins with a deep dive into your vehicle using our specialised software Module Analyser via a standard diagnostic protocol (UDS), Module Analyser, and a Kvaser leaf light CAN interface. We establish a secure connection to your vehicle's communications network (CAN network), meticulously identifying the various computer modules (ECUs) present, and consider it as a detective story. Through a collaborative discussion with you, we determine the specific data streams that align with your project's objectives. Our team's expertise guides us in selecting the most relevant ECUs and extracting the desired data signals.

Phase 2: Decoding and Configuration

We move into the decoding and configuration stage with the data gathered during the investigation phase. This phase involves analysing the retrieved vehicle parameters (PIDs, Parameter Identifiers), translating them into easy-to-understand values, and preparing a tailored configuration for the Rebel datalogger series. We employ advanced decoding techniques to ensure the captured data is accurate and user-friendly.

The versatility of the Rebel data logger series allows us to configure it for either traditional data logging or accelerated data capturing (fast-dac mode), if possible. Fast-dack mode enables us to capture data at an accelerated rate, maximising the efficiency of your data collection process. Additionally, we provide an ODX file, the industry standard for storing vehicle parameter data (PIDs), ensuring seamless integration with various analysis tools.

Phase 3: Data Logging and Support

Armed with the Rebel LT or Rebel CT (depending on your hardware configuration needs) and the provided setup files (datalogger configuration and ODX file(s)), you can seamlessly capture the desired data streams from your vehicle. Our ongoing support remains available to address any unexpected challenges. As every vehicle manufacturer has its unique communication policy (UDS protocol), we provide comprehensive support to:

  • Resolve sleep and wake-up concerns

  • Ensure the gateway module's data request frequency adheres to limits

  • Maintain compatibility with vehicle telematics systems and other connected devices

  • Address any additional concerns that may arise

Rebel Datalogger series: A Gateway to Vehicle Data Insights

The Vehicle Insights Program integrated with our Rebel data logger series empowers you to capture the required vehicle data. With its comprehensive capabilities, a Rebel data logger is a powerful tool to gain the data needed to fulfil the needs of intricate projects in today’s dynamic automotive landscape.

Flexible Program Options: Tailored to Your Needs

Our comprehensive Vehicle Insights Program is designed to accommodate various project requirements and client preferences. We offer two options to ensure you receive the support and guidance you need to successfully capture vehicle data.

Option 1: Out-of-the-Box Solution

For straightforward projects, involving a single vehicle, we can take full responsibility for the process. Our experienced engineers will handle every phase, from initial vehicle exploration to data logging and configuration. You'll receive the Rebel datalogger with the pre-configured settings, ready to capture the desired data streams. This option is ideal for those who prioritise convenience and efficiency.

Option 2: In-House Training and Support

If you're handling the Vehicle Insights Program for multiple vehicles, or require a deeper understanding of the process, we offer an in-house training and support option. Our team will provide you with the necessary software, materials, and training to complete the first phase of the vehicle insights program independently. Once you've gathered the necessary data from phase 1, we'll handle phases 2 and 3, providing you with the Rebel datalogger configuration and ODX file(s). This option empowers you to gain hands-on experience and become more self-sufficient in future endeavours.

Regardless of the option you choose, our team remains committed to providing you with the highest level of support throughout the Vehicle Insights Program. We are dedicated to helping you unlock the hidden potential of vehicle data and achieve your project goals.

Additional Resources

To explore the Rebel LT and Rebel CT's capabilities in more depth, visit our dedicated webpage:

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  • Rebel CT CAN FD: Stay at the forefront of automotive technology with Rebel CT CAN FD, our data logger optimised for CAN FD networks

  • Rebel CT7 Flexray: Uncover the intricacies of FlexRay networks with Rebel CT7 Flexray, our specialised data logger for advanced automotive systems


Leeds University, UK:

Influx Technology working with the University of Leeds to get data from the car

For our research investigating real driving emissions (RDE) of alternative low-carbon fuels, we have two research vehicles: a EURO 6c compliant diesel hybrid car (Mercedes C300h) and a EURO 5 gasoline hybrid car (Toyota Prius). We need to log vehicle parameters during our RDE tests, for example, engine speed, fuel consumption, state of charge of traction batteries, and temperatures from the exhaust after-treatment systems. Our existing data loggers were able to log most of the channels for the Prius but were unable to log many parameters for the Mercedes through the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. This is where Influx Technology stepped in. They scanned the vehicle and produced a data logger for the specific data channels we needed, even though they had never worked on this vehicle. This has enabled us to acquire essential channels/parameters from the research vehicle and thus carry out real-world emissions measurement and research coupling emissions with driving and engine parameters.

FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany:

Influx Technology working this ZFI to access all the CAN signals on the car

We needed the benchmarking to gain access to more CAN signals. These values are needed to improve (or enable at all) our model for longitudinal vehicle control. Without those signals, precise control of the vehicle dynamics via our actuators is not possible. With those signals, we can build a better model of the vehicle state.

Marc Heinrich, Research Scientist Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering



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