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The J1939 protocol was initially designed as a dedicated communication and diagnostics protocol for the complex networks of huge vehicles. It is commonly used in heavy-duty vehicles such as

Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, Agriculture vehicles, Material handling machines, Marine propulsion Aid and Rescue, and many other off-road vehicles.


Today, it is widely recognized by diesel engine manufacturers across the world.


J1939 provides diagnostic data such as:

- Vehicle engine speed

- temperature

- oil temperature

- exhaust emissions

- and other customizable options


It also:

              • Specifies how to handle multi-packet messages.

              • Enable communication across large complex networks.

              • Specifies how to convert data into human-readable information.

              • Defines diagnostics interface of its own.

J1939 Cable to Free Wire - INF4218.0

  • Connector Automotive Connectors 9P F PLG LCK RNG GRN TYPE II SZ16 SKT CN

    Technical Specifications: Cable Length: Length 1700 mm (excluding the length of connectors at both ends)

    Wire Diameter: 7mm Operating Temperature: -55 °C to -125 °C Current rating: 13

    AMPs Cable weight: 194g

    Colour: Green

    Specifications: Cable adopts twisted pair, copper conductor, wire core 22awg, 0.5mm, CSA 19/0.2, conforming to UL American standard, UL1213.

    Related products: The J1939 Cables INF4218.0 (OEM CAN Bus - Free wire) and INF4218.1 (Standard J19392 connector to D-sub9) Allow you to connect your ReXgen and Rebel Series data loggers directly to CAN Bus.

    Use Cases: The J1939 Cables INF4218.0/1 are best suited for use in most heavy-duty vehicles- such as Tractor OHM, trucks, Mining and excavating machines, transit buses, construction machinery and any heavy-duty vehicle that makes use of J1939 protocol with our CAN bus data loggers.