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Introducing our "Out-the-Box" solution for in-vehicle data logging. This includes the 'Rebel LT', a state-of-the-art data logger, and the 'DiaLog' software, an easy-to-use data analysis tool. It is the most cost-effective and professional-grade R&D data logger currently available in the market!​

The Rebel LT comes equipped with advanced automotive protocols, intelligent power management, and high-level performance that's typically found in much more expensive data loggers. It offers unmatched value and efficiency in its class, providing teams with the ability to capture, analyse, and leverage vehicle data like never before.

2x CAN buses, 4x Analog input, 3x  Digital  I/O,   SDHC card  logging, Stackable ABS enclosure; Supports CAN, CAN, J1939 ,OBD/UDS and XCP/CCP logging. 

Can be connected to Module Analyser for direct CAN   Analyser functionality, Compatible and stacks with Influx K-Series instrumentation modules.

Package includes 
•    (INF2101) Rebel LT Data logger
•    (INF6102) 12 months SLA
•    (INF1101.1) DiaLog Configurator 
•    (INF1301) Module Analyser Lite
•    (INF4301) USB cable 
•    (INF4203) x2 CAN Breakout cable
•    (INF5102) preformatted 32G Byte SDHC card 80mb/s (higher capacity available)

IMPORTANT To access the Digital and Analog functions the purchase of cable INF4204.1

Rebel Multi-Connect Cable (5-Lead) is required.

Rebel LT

SKU: INF2101 P

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