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Rebel Dash

Configurable, hard-wearing CAN data display

Configurable, hard-wearing CAN data display.

The Rebel Dash is part of our compact, highly flexible and rugged CAN bus products. Designed to be integrated with the Rebel range of data loggers, it can also be used as a standalone CAN display.


The Rebel Dash is configurable from within DiaLog software for integration with Rebel data logging applications. Rebel Dash is supplied with RebelDashConfig a freely distributable application for configuration of the device using CAN DBC files.

Exemplified as a product that is both easy to install and use, the Rebel Dash is automatically switched on or off by the Rebel data logger when in sleep mode so no user intervention is required.


With a straight forward mounting system, you can be monitoring vehicle CAN data graphically within minutes!

Key Features:

 Parameter list mode

Dials and digital LED mode

Graphing mode

CAN trace viewer mode

3.5 inch, high brightness QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) colour display

Display viewable in direct sunlight

IP65, electrically and environmentally rugged

Freely distributable configuration Windows™ application 

Download our Rebel Dash software now, using the link below:

Data Logger configuration with integrated data analysis.

Dialog provides tools to configure, analyse and export Rebel data.

■ Build and exchange Rebel data logger configuration files 

 Connect and re-configure Rebel data loggers via USB. 

 Monitor live data in a graphical viewer. 

 Upload and analyse data recording files. 

 Supports in-field firmware upgrade. 

 Batch processing and data export

 Supports direct connection to StreamLog servers.

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