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Easy connection of IEPE sensors to voltage input measurement devices

Our IEPE module enables easy connection of IEPE sensors to voltage input measurement devices.

Our K-IEPE module is designed to connect IEPE sensors to a voltage measurement device that normally cannot support IEPE sensors. The powered K-IEPE module simply enables IEPE sensors to be connected via the BNC terminals and will output the signal voltages to an analog measurement device.

Additionally the K-IEPE add-on modules can be connected directly with our K-Box and K-AN8 analog measurement modules using a 25Way cable (supplied).



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Key Features
Package Includes

Key Features:

 Connects to the K-Series K-Box/K-AN8 via the analog inputs.

■ Refresh rates achievable (1 channel 10 kHz, 4 channels 5 kHz)

 ABS enclosure

Influx_K_Bench white.png
K-Cal, the all in one K-Series instrumentation tool.

K-Cal is freely distributable and supports all K-series modules. 

■ Calibrate sensor channels and output calibration reports

 Set CAN Bus baud rate and message identifiers

■ Set individual signal channel configuration and scaling, using formulas and tables

■ Set signal sampling rates

■ Construct, Edit and Export DBC files for CAN bus data

■ Monitor signals live with a graphical window

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