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Application: ReXgen IMU as a Flight Data Recorder - CANaerospace Protocol

Existing multi-role mini aircrafts lack a robust data logging system capable of record all events that have occurred during a flight. Our customers are able to log all CAN network data in the air, while also taking advantage of the ReXgen 2’s in-built IMU chip for accurately studying flight dynamics. Data can be decoded using CAN DBC files to also measure engine performance.​

This is a practical example to set up the ReXgen 2 as an inflight black box data recorder, where the logger is in the air recording flight data on CANaerospace protocol.​

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The Benefits of Using a Black Box Data Recorder

Engineers and customers within the aviation industry generally use black box data recorders for productivity benefits.​

Below are some of these benefits alongside relevant CANaerospace parameters:

Flight Path Analysis

  • What was the route taken?

  • What are the challenges were the challenges within the path taken?

  • What were the weather conditions?

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