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The K-TC unit is available with 8,16, or 32 channels; these can be stacked, and daisy chained to meet your requirements. Capture data from multiple thermocouples with the K-TC, limited only by the bandwidth of the CAN interface.

The K-TC has galvanic isolation across USB, CAN, Power, and TC boards to ensure the protection of your devices. Supporting thermocouples type (K, J, & T)

Cold Junction Compensation

Enhanced response to sensor measurements for temperature changes- ranging from (-)200°C to (+)1200°C


This powerful software allows for the configuration of up to five K-TCs at once and supports CAN message transmission with an oscilloscope for live data viewing. It also includes a DBC file for easy integration.


Enables the Temperature data to be logged directly to the K-TC’s internal 8GByte eMMC.

Package includes

(INF2206) K-TC32

(INF6102) 12 months warranty

(INF1401) K-Cal supports calibration, configuration and graphical data view

(INF4300) Micro-USB cable

(INF4310) 120 Ohm CAN Bus Termination 9 Way D-Sub

(INF4305.0) 9 Way to 9 Way short cable for stacking K series units (male screw to female screw)

K-TC 32

SKU: INF2206
Early May

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