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Complete Vehicle Data Logging Solutions:

No matter how demanding your vehicle data logging requirements are, Influx Technology have a robust data logging solution to meet your needs. Features include:

  • 6 CAN Buses
  • 2x Flexray Buses
  • LIN
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Full Instrumentation Options including virtually limitless Analog and Thermocouple Inputs via K-Box and H-Box Instrumentation
  • 4 Configurable Digital I/O ports built in standard on stand alone vehicle CAN bus loggers
  • 4 Analog Inputs (expandable) built in standard on stand alone vehicle CAN bus loggers
  • Internal 18Hz GPS with simultaneous GPS and GLONASS reception for applications where navigation performance and highest attainable accuracy are paramount
  • 1KHz internal XYZ accelerometer +/-16G max
  • Robust Automotive Spec vehicle CAN bus loggers for harsh environments with IP rated enclosures

Stackable Design Options:

The Rebel LT and K-Boxes provide an easy to use stacking system enabling quick and tidy installation of your vehicle CAN bus logger and instrumentation.

DiaLog Plus Software

Our comprehensive and powerfulDiaLog Plussoftware provides a single GUIto configure your Rebel vehicle CAN bus logger.

Vehicle databases such as A2L, DBC, ODX, MDX, GDX, ROB and FIBEX are all supported. Data can be recorded from multiple buses or devices such GPS and the Accelerometer, simultaneously analysed and retrieved whist still recording. Pre/post trigger events and sleep modes can all be configured rapidly. Post processing bulk files is a breeze and the graphical interface also provides details of events captured in files without needing to load them. Advanced Data analysis is also included.

DiaLog Configurator software is also included free of charge with Rebel LT and CT vehicle CAN bus loggers and enables basic configuration and retrieval of recorded data.


Import from industry standard description files such as:

  • ASAM A2L
  • Diagnostic ODX, GDX, MDX
  • Fibex
  • ROB


Export Data in formats for use with 3rd party tools

  • Vector ™MDF
  • Matlab™ Mat
  • NCode™ S3
  • Microsoft™ Excel

Manage vehicle CAN bus logger Configurations Remotely via the Streamlog server or DiaLog remote (supplied free of charge with Rebel Dataloggers).

You can remotely send a logger configuration to a Rebel vehicle CAN bus logger or fleet of Loggers to provide data management across an entire fleet of vehicles. You manage the data recorded from your fleet of data loggers in the StreamLog tab of your DiaLog Plus software in an easy to use user interface. Roles can be assigned to various engineers enabling the data to be managed by a single person or a whole team. Can we include a brief example here? Team in UK, engineers in the field in California. Config sent by…, installed on SDHC….

Remote Connectivity and Optional GPS Location

The Rebel vehicle CAN bus loggers provide multiple options for remote connection including internal GPRS, GPS? 3G and WIFI.

All of these allow for data download and remote fleet management. In addition, The Rebel vehicle CAN bus loggers allow have an optional 18 HZ GPS supporting simultaneous GPS and GLONASS to provide the most accurate GPS location possible. GPS is provided both as a fleet management tool and within recorded data files and can be extremely useful for correlating events with locations within your test data.

Logging while continuing to record

Data can be retrieved without interrupting or slowing down your data acquisition. The Rebel vehicle CAN bus loggers have an SD Card slot supporting 128GB SD Cards which enables huge amounts of data to be recorded whether you are in an area with network coverage or not, data can be uploaded to the StreamLog server once data coverage is available again.

Sleep Mode Option

The Rebel Data Loggers provide Sleep Mode settings that provide industry leading performance with sleep mode power consumption options of less than 1 mA

NEW: DiaLog Configurator Software

DiaLog Configurator Software is available free of charge with Influx Technology Rebel Data Loggers enabling configuration and use of the data logger for an engineering team without the need to purchase the comprehensive DiaLog Plus.

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