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ReXgen 2

Next-generation data computing is here.

The ReXgen 2 brings accurate, secure and reliable data computing together in one handheld CAN bus data logger, with CAN FD, LIN, eMMC storage and options for GNSS, Gyroscope and Accelerometer upgrades. Engineered for excellence, we are proud to present this all-in-one data solution.

At Influx, we are creating trusted, engineering and automotive data logging solutions that make a difference. We specialize in CAN bus data loggers, CAN bus instrumentation modules, and CAN bus software tools. Explore our expansive range of products below, or give us a call to see what we can do for you!


Reliable and accurate sensor management with our K-Series CAN Bus instrumentation modules.




Secure, exact and reliable data acquisition has never been so easy with our wide range of powerful data loggers.

Data Loggers

Secure and accurate CAN Bus data loggers with LIN, FlexRay, GPS, GNSS and J1939 compatibility.

Data Loggers


Explore our range of CAN Bus Data Logging Software, capable of On Board diagnostics, CAN Bus analysis, fleet management, and more.



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