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K-Box Instrumentation Kit

P/N INF2214

A simple, speedy measurement solution complete with handy carry case…

The NEW K-Box Instrumentation Kit by Influx Technology Ltd is designed for accurate sensor measurement, with captured data being transmitted on the CAN Bus. The K-Box kit is an ideal solution for applications that require a quick set-up and collection of thermocouple, analog, digital and PWM inputs.  
The K-Box CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily cconfigurable via our K-Cal software and stored in the K-Box even when not powered.  
The complete kit contains the Influx K-Box, K-Bob breakout box, Kvaser™ Leaf Light, Kvaser T-Cannector, a 25way D-sub screw terminal, all connecting cables, complete instructions for use and a branded clam shell carry case. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain the K-Box Instrumentation Kit for just £1495 and save over £500 on RRP. Find out more about our K-Box Instrumentation Solution HERE To find out more about our products Contact Us

Key Features:

  •  Portable carry case
  •  Versatile connectivity for digital outputs
  •  Versatile connectivity for analog outputs
  •  Options for instrumentation expandability
  •  Simple to use instrumentation to software interface
All Influx Technology products are developed and supported by our dedicated and highly experienced team.
K-Box Kit.fw      
Supported Protocols:J1939, UDS (ISO14229, ISO15765-1, ISO15765-2), xCP (xCPonCAN, xCPonFlexRay), CCP Read More

Instrumentation Solutions

The Influx Technology K series range is our new generation of automotive instrumentation modules. Highly accurate sensor measurement data is transmitted periodically on the CAN Bus enabling multiple modules to be connected together. The stackable K series range is an ideal solution for applications that require a large number of sensor data inputs recorded synchronously with vehicle network data. The easy to use K series measurement modules can be applied, for measurement applications in power train, component testing, vehicle electronics, benchmarking etc. Key features include:
  • ■ K-Box suitable for measuring analog, thermocouples, PWM and digital inputs.
  • ■ K-TC16 and K-TC32 suitable for measuring multiple thermocouple inputs. (K, J and T).
  • ■ K-Volt suitable for generating voltage, current, PWM and digital signals.
  • ■ Stackable ABS enclosure.
  • ■ Freely distributable configuration and calibration software.
  • ■ All devices have WakeOnCAN capability and power down mode.
  • ■ Integrates with any CAN interface device that supports the DBC file format.
  All instrumentation is supplied with calibration software. Read More

Network Analyser and Diagnostics

A cost effective and professional CAN network analysis and automotive UDS diagnostic tool. Module Analyser is a 5 in 1 easy to use CAN bus analyser with the following advantages:
  • ■ Automotive OBD ISO15765-1 and ISO 15765-2 Scan tool and J1939 functions
  • ■ Automotive UDS support ISO14229
  • ■ Integrated ODX/MDX editor
  • ■ CAN bus, LIN and FlexRay analysis via DBC, LDF and Fibex files
  • ■ Data acquisition and logging
  Key features include:
  • ■ Supports most Pass-Thru SAE J2534 hardware devices.
  • ■ Create and edit your diagnostic ODX files within Module Analyser.
  • ■ Supported file formats ASAM A2L, ODX, DBC, LDF and Fibex.
  • ■ Ability to capture and view CAN, LIN and FlexRay network traffic.
  • ■ Live signal CAN, LIN and FlexRay monitoring and recording.
  • ■ Data file exchangeable with include MS Excel®, Matlab®, NCode® and National Instruments®
  • ■ Configure and transmit periodic CAN messages.
  • ■ View data on oscilloscope and post analysis tool.
  • ■ Supports diagnostic OBDII scan modes.
  • ■ Advanced UDS diagnostic functions (ISO15765-1, ISO15765-2 and ISO14229).
  • ■ Scripting editor.
  • ■ Module reprogramming by ISO14229.