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Rebel 100 - Vehicle Data Logger

Compact, Configurable 4 CAN 2.0 Data Logger

Compact, Configurable Data Logger


4x CAN 2.0 buses

Our robust Industrial grade high specification CAN BUS data logger with IP67 enclosure, two easily accessible mounting points and automotive graded connector enables easy integration.


IMPORTANT minimum order quantity (MOQ) required 10 units.


4x digital I/O channels


4x analog input channels 

Key Features
Package Includes
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Key Features:

 Designed for in vehicle fitment (Mountable IP67 enclosure with sealed connector header)

4x CAN 2.0 buses

 4x digital I/O (x2 configurable as PWM inputs)

 4x analog inputs (Each channel can be calibrated independently)

■ eMMC, data storage max size 64GB

 Data extractible via USB

 Supports J1939, UDS, OBD, xCPOnCAN

 Galvanic isolation (Enclosure, USB)

Data Logger configuration with integrated data analysis.

Dialog provides tools to configure, analyse and export Rebel data.

■ Build and exchange Rebel data logger configuration files 

 Connect and re-configure Rebel data loggers via USB. 

 Monitor live data in a graphical viewer. 

 Upload and analyse data recording files. 

 Supports in-field firmware upgrade. 

 Batch processing and data export

 Supports direct connection to StreamLog servers.

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